Ceramic Coating - Lifetime
$1,197 Now $797 - $997
RT's Ceramic Coat Service - Lifetime Warranty, Protect Your Ride and Keep it Sparkling for Life!
Ceramic Coat - 6 Year
$897 Now $697
RT's Ceramic Coat Service - 6 Year Warranty, Show the Love to your Ride Today!
Full Detail Interior/Exterior
$297 Now $150 - $190
RT's Full Detail Interior & Exterior Service, Show the Love to your Ride Today!
Interior Detail
$197 Now $80 - $100
RT's Interior Detail Service, Show the Love to your Ride Today!
RV Interior/Exterior Detail
$1597 $997 
RT’s Detailing loves camping. There’s nothing better than just getting out into the wilderness and enjoying life. But life on the open road can be dirty. With dust, dirt, pollen and pesky mosquitoes everywhere, your Camper or RV can start to show wear and tear quickly. Let RT’s Detailing come to you and get your RV, camper or trailer looking the way it did when you first bought it. Since we come to you, you can kick back and relax while we do the dirty work.
Exterior Detail
$497 $297
​Detailing your car or truck is a great way to enhance its appearance while increasing its resale value. Our mobile car detailing services are a great way to save on time and fuel while saving your vehicle from daily wear and tear. We’ll come to you as long as you’re located anywhere in the great state of Vermont. See the difference a day makes and call RT’s Detailing for all of your vehicle detailing needs today.
Buffing Service
$497 $297 
Small scratches, fading interiors, exteriors, and deep-down dirt happen to every vehicle with common use. Our mobile detailing service professionals will come to you and help you revamp your vehicle. Bring back the shine of your vehicle, the gleam of your boat, and the pristine glow of your RV. Our superior buffing and waxing services help restore any vehicle back to its original condition.
RT's Detailing Service
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North Troy, VT
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